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Truckee Custom Homes

Truckee Custom Homes

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About Us

Truckee Custom Homes was founded by Jim Riley based on his desire to provide clients with exceptional craftsmanship, timely service and meticulous attention to the finest details. When Jim Riley started his company in 1992, at the age of 24, he made a conscience decision to make the focus of his career on the high-end custom home market. Since the start of Truckee Custom Homes, Jim has built a variety of homes and his strengths include attention to detail and being a hands-on general contractor.
Jim enjoys adding creative touches to all of his homes and works with the hired architect to make any changes happen effectively and timely. This ensures that his clients have a unique and spectacular home that is a reflection of their personality and taste. At the completion of every project Jim and his Truckee Custom Homes team pride themselves on having forged lasting relationships with all of their clients.