Pika Odysseys, LLC

Pika Odysseys, LLC
Pika Odysseys, LLC

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About Us

Pika is an outdoor company who came together as a result of like-minded outdoorists who believe that as our lands continue to be leveraged for their beauty and positive contribution to our wellbeing, our accountability to their preservation grows ever more essential. As a symbol of our core values to protect the wild places we travel we took our name from the American Pika, a hearty, alpine-dwelling cousin of the rabbit that embodies the essence of the outdoor community's scrappy endurance. Pika believes that we all share our wilderness and it's our responsibility to lend a hand in maintaining it.


Pika Odysseys offers hikes to beautiful local highpoints.
The Tahoe National Forest offers a number of local backpacking options.
Let us arrange a group or family basecamp trip through our Adventure Concierge services.
Did you know we travel to Yosemite National Park?