Mountain Rebalance- Nutrition, Natural Medicine, Functional Medicine

Mountain Rebalance- Nutrition, Natural Medicine, Functional Medicine


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About Us

Janel is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Functional Medicine and Certified Holistic Nutritionist, an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, a Family Herbalist, Doula, Mama, Wife, Friend and lover of the wild.

Mountain Rebalance- BioIndividualized Health and Nutrition. We Investigate Root Cause, Empower With Education, and Support with Food, Herbs, and Lifestyle. We obsess over ''why'' and help you find your own health and resilience.

I am passionate about helping people understand what is going on in their body and investigating root causes of symptoms. I provide personalized care so you can take back your health and feel your best. We are all bio individual and need to understand how our unique body is responding to our environment and our diet. Together we can explore symptoms, labs, history, genetics, diet, supplements, lifestyle and more. I feel strongly about helping people take the front seat and feel empowered in their own health care.

Functional Medicine looks at how the body is functioning instead of just waiting for a pathological disease to set in. Disease takes time to manifest and if we listen to our body's clues or symptoms we can respond early and optimize our health now. I am happy to work with any other practitioners on your team and feel strongly about integrating medicine and different therapies.


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