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Biking for a Better World
Biking for a Better World

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About Us

Biking for a Better World (BBW) is a non-profit organization which raises funds and awareness to improve the cycling community in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee. BBW focuses on strengthening youth programs, trail systems, and local cycling events.

In 2007, founders Jake Spero and Duncan Sisson, rode over 15,000 unsupported miles from the Arctic Ocean in Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina. Through the generosity of sponsors, this trip completely funded the building of a school in Nicaragua and launched the Biking for a Better World initiative.

Jake began his bike touring career in 2001 with a 4,000 mile ride across the US from Buffalo, NY to Burbank, CA to raise fund for a camp for disadvantaged children called the Cradle Beach Camp. He continued in 2003 with a 2,000 mile ride from Tahoe to Texas for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. In 2006 he started BBW, and rode in 2007 with three others from Alaska to Argentina.

Duncan played a major role in the establishment of Biking for a Better World in 2006. In Lake Tahoe, CA he and Jake Spero pushed their limits. They wanted to ride long distances on paved road or dirt. They did so, all the while raising funds for non profit organizations before they created their own. Tahoe to Texas(2003), and Montana to Mexico(2009) were two other notable tours Duncan completed.

Brooks was one of the founders of the Truckee Bike Park, and continues working to raise funds and improve the park. He is now serving as the Executive Director of BBW.