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Villager Nursery, Inc.
Villager Nursery, Inc.

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About Us

We've been helping mountain gardeners create thriving Sierra Nevada gardens since 1984.

While our focus is Sierra, Cascade, Great Basin and Rocky Mountain native and climate adapted species, we are also avid gardeners and are constantly revisiting old-world favorites and the newest hardy cultivars of vegetables, seed, bulbs, perennials, vines, shrubs and trees. We are constantly experimenting with techniques. Our goal is every client’s short and long-term success.

With extensive study in botany, ecology, arboriculture and horticulture, the owners and staff are not only passionate about plants, they know what they are talking about. We annually test new varieties for tolerances to our cold, dry air, intense sun, temperature fluctuations, deacclimation and snow loads. We’ve killed thousands of plants (in trials) so our clients won’t have to.

We offer classes through the season, have houseplants pottery and gifts, offer a huge selection of organic composts, soils and fertilizers, plus fresh noble and silvertip Christmas trees in December.

Our services include revegetation, restoration, seed collection, custom seed mixtures, supervision and plant finding. Ask us about native plant selection, design and placement. We can inventory your homesite's native plants.

There is a difference between brand-X nursery and us; it's experience and knowledge. We are the northern Sierra's ''local'' experts. It is no wonder that so many of our customers have become good friends as their gardens grow into glorious reflections of their personal ideas.


Villager Nursery Front May
Fall Sale Aspen 9/15-10/15 2017
Fall Sale Mt.Ash 2017
Fall Sale Birch 2017
Mountain Mahogany
Lady's Mantle
French Lilac
Common Peony
Miniature Hardy Narcissus
William Bafin Rose
Eriophyllom lanatum
Organic Garden & Landscape
Hops jn Coreopsis and Catmint
Eric w/ Cat
Barley hiding in truck
Rob bringing down a few trees at Christmas
Front of Villager Dec. 25
Wild Rose.  Hips in winter.