Truckee River Watershed Council

Truckee River Watershed Council
Truckee River Watershed Council

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About Us

We’re all in! Join us in taking back The Truckee River’s meadows, creeks, streams and ponds. Home to the bugs, fish, birds and…humans.

Tomorrow’s too late. It’s true. Native fish: declining rapidly. Crucial invertebrates: dwindling. Entire meadows: drying up. The Truckee River’s EPA rating: “polluted”. Join today. To change tomorrow.

We collaborate, convene, and coordinate. We bring diverse interests together to solve complex problems. We protect the resiliency of our natural resources while supporting the vibrancy of our local community. We do it by pointing people in the right direction: forward.

We do it for the future. It’s our nature. We work for the watershed for a better future. Ours. Yours. For generations to come. We find solutions that respect all viewpoints, from nature-lovers to land developers. Projects: We spearhead large-scale restoration projects to reverse historic land-use impact. Policies: We influence emerging policies to mitigate present-day risk to our environmental future. People: We engage people from all age, interest and economic backgrounds to be part of the solution.

One goal. Multiple parts. Preserving and protecting the watershed is mind-bogglingly multifaceted. Part science: we assess and monitor the biology, geology, andhydrology of each project. Part management: we align agencies, consultants, contractors &volunteers to get the job done. Part funding: we find the grants, foundations, and donations needed to finance each effort. Part education: we tell locals, visitors and water-users about our stressed and fragile eco-system.


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