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About Us

Tahoe Music Alive recognizes the superpower of music, its ability to challenge thinking, evoke emotions, and unite people through shared experiences. TMA aims to harness that power by bringing professional and established musicians from around the world to perform chamber music, jazz and world genres in intimate venues during the seasonal gaps in musical performances - especially fall and spring.

Tahoe Music Alive was established because of the recognized importance of a long-term, year-round commitment to music programs and music education for the North Tahoe community. TMA augments the current offerings of the community choruses, bands and symphonies, as well as summer festivals and free pub music available in the area and seeks to broaden music appreciation opportunities in local schools, helping to create a pipeline of talent and appreciative audiences for music.


  • chamber music
  • small ensembles
  • friendly venues
  • classical - jazz - world music
  • concerts


Alison Lee, Isaac Pastor-Chermak, September 22, 2023
Dior Quartet, November 5,2023
Owen Dalby, Stephen Prutsman June 17, 2023. Photo: Michael Kennedy