Tahoe Forest Hospice Gift and Thrift stores

Tahoe Forest Hospice Gift and Thrift stores

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About Us

Store shopping hours:
Monday through Saturday 10 am* – 5 pm
*Store opens at 11 am on the first day of every month.

Donations are accepted:
Monday through Saturday 10 am – 4 pm (space permitting)

10338 River Park Place
(530) 582-4947

We Appreciate:
Clothing donations in bags off of the hanger
Household donations in clean sellable condition
Please, no dumping of donations after business hours! This is illegal and has the potential for health and safety risks for both people and the natural environment.

Furniture, electrical items and sports equipment accepted on approval basis. Please check with employees before unloading.

We are not able to accept mattresses, bed frames, bed pillows, mattress pads, exercise equipment, hard wired electrical fixtures, paint and building supplies, baby and children's items (furniture, strollers, toys, car seats, etc.)

How You Can Support Hospice With Charitable Gifts & Contributions

Support in the form of tax-deductible gifts from individuals and businesses, private memorials, grants, and participation in local fundraising events are all welcome. Please call the Tahoe Forest Hospital Foundation at (530) 582-6277 to make a donation to Hospice.

Volunteer opportunities include working directly with patients and families, bereavement support, administrative/office support and fundraising. Please call (530) 582-3534 to learn how you can support Hospice through a variety of volunteering options.

Hospice Gift & Thrift
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