Mo, Jo & Zoe

Mo, Jo & Zoe
Mo, Jo & Zoe

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About Us

Melinda has always had the nickname “Mo”, Jo-Anne has gone by “Jo” and Zoe was Jo’s mom and Mo’s grandma.

Melinda and Jo-Anne started making jewelry as a hobby, which flourished into a business, which catapulted them into opening the shop.

In 2010 they opened their doors for business in Truckee, California, with the idea that they would sell clothes to compliment the jewelry they were making. They wanted to offer cute, affordable and quality fashion to their customers.

Now in their 3rd location in Truckee they swear they are not moving the shop again, and are quite happy in Historic Downtown Truckee.

Melinda and Jo-Anne are very involved in the shop and still make jewelry to sell, and often do custom orders for special occasions.

Melinda and Jo-Anne believe in offering exceptional customer service and also believe that shopping should be fun experience.

Over the years they have had many customers turn into great relationships and are grateful to all that have supported their business and continue to do so.



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