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The KidZone Museum is a children's museum serving Truckee, California, and the Lake Tahoe Basin. It is a non-profit chidren's museum dedicated to enhancing the lives of children through exploration and learning. The museum and its activities are made possible by generous donations.

Children increasingly have less opportunity to think deeply and innovate creatively. Experiences that cultivate these skills are frequently absent or limited in early education, at the age when these skills are most critical. The KidZone Museum seeks to help provide these experiences through playful, open-ended exhibits and programs, which promote intentional learning, curiosity and problem solving. Through these experiences, the foundation for lifelong curiosity and development of the whole child is cultivated.

In summer, The KidZone Museum, offers captivating natural science and art camps taught by local artisans and scientists. They also have Family Camp where the entire family can explore nature close up.


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