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Auerbach Engineering Corporation
Auerbach Engineering Corporation

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With a continued commitment to providing high-quality consulting services to clients large and small, AEC offers locally-based expertise on a broad range of service areas including Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, and Environmental Planning to property owners, development groups and governmental agencies.

We pride ourselves in the degree to which our facilitation and proactive customer service have resulted in benefits to our clients and the community at large. More than 75% of our current work is being performed for clients with whom we have had a relationship for more than five years.

AEC has led large projects as the prime consultant working extensively to provide specialized technical services with diverse teams of professionals. Experience with local subconsultants in multiple specialties, and developing productive professional relationships allows for successful projects. Adherence to established project milestones drives our success. AEC’s collaboration and teamwork reduce the challenge of finding solutions to complex problems and helps us to succeed. Project delivery is our goal.


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