Truckee Public Arts Commission (TPAC)

Truckee Public Arts Commission (TPAC)
Truckee Public Arts Commission (TPAC)

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About Us

Art in public places provides occasions for visual delight; it stimulates community dialogue by challenging familiar experience. Public art enriches live by fostering culture and new experiences.

The Truckee Public Arts Commission is a local group committed to building community through collaboration, promotion, and advocacy for local Public Art. We operate under the Truckee Donner Recreation and Park District, a non-profit 501 C.3 organization.

To date, the Truckee Public Arts Commission (TPAC) has hosted tri-annual art shows at the Truckee Community Recreation Center and installed 5 art bike racks in Truckee, along with numerous collaborations with local and county organizations.,

TPAC continues to aspire to facilitate bigger and brighter opportunities for public art in Truckee, with continued and accelerated collaboration, and to continue to engage our community culturally with a robust public arts program.


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