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Truckee Boat Inspections
Truckee Boat Inspections

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Truckee Boat Inspections are part of the Truckee Regional Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program run by Tahoe Resource Conservation District and the Town of Truckee.

Donner Lake:
Watercraft inspections are mandatory for all boats launching on Donner Lake. In the summer, inspections are provided at the public boat launch at Donner Lake, roadside stations in Truckee and at Alpine Meadows, and at Lake Forest Boat Launch in Tahoe City. In the fall and winter inspections are only available at the Lake Forest Boat Launch and at the Cave Rock Boat Launch.

Get on the Water Faster! Clean, Drain and Dry your vessel before arriving at the inspection station. For questions, please contact the Lake Tahoe and Truckee Boat Inspection Program at or 888-824-6267. Inspection prices for Donner Lake are as follows:

Annual: $40/vessel
Seasonal (May – Sept): $25/vessel
Monthly: $10/vessel
Donner Only (May – Sept): $20/vessel

Boaters who certify that their vessel only launches on Donner Lake are eligible for a Donner Only sticker. Donner Only vessels are required to be inspected once per season. Boaters who do not exclusively launch on Donner Lake must submit to monthly inspections.

For Sierra County Waters (Stampede and Jackson Meadows Reservoirs, Lake of the Woods and the waters of Lakes Basin) and Nevada County Waters (Prosser and Boca Reservoirs), boaters must complete a Sierra or Nevada County Self Inspection Permit prior to launching. Forms are also available at the launch ramps.

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