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Sustainable Community Advocates
Sustainable Community Advocates

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About Us

Sustainable Community Advocates was established in 2010 to assist clients in the development of strategies, initiatives, action plans, and project delivery designed to support and ensure the long-term viability of communities and regions.

SCA Principal, Steve Teshara, has been active in policy, planning, public-private partnerships, legislative advocacy, and project delivery in the Lake Tahoe region for nearly 35 years. Working in a variety of collaborations, Steve has provided leadership and helped to secure vital federal, state, and local investments for watershed restoration, hazardous fuels reduction and forest health, transportation, trails, and other projects consistent with the Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program (EIP).

Steve’s experience includes more than 28 years as the chief executive for community and business organizations. He has founded a number of influential organizations and provided leadership for several important initiatives, including, over recent years, the Lake Tahoe Regional Plan Initiative, Lake Tahoe Basin Prosperity Plan, Lake Tahoe Prosperity Center, Lake Tahoe Sustainability Collaborative, and the Trans-Sierra Transportation Coalition. Steve is able to successfully “connect the dots” and bring people and organizations together to identify and support solutions to a variety of challenges and needs in communities and throughout the Lake Tahoe region.

SCA recognizes that sustainability requires the balanced integration of environmental, economic, and community-based solutions to address needs, goals, and the challenges we face.