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About Us

Placemate formerly Landing Locals Is Taking an Innovative Approach to Solving the Housing Crisis in Truckee. Calling all vacation-home owners in Truckee! Placemat helps homeowners connect with local employees through their trusted online platform so you can earn stable monthly income from your property. Their platform helps you list your property, market your home, and have peace of mind in matching with a vetted local employee who can look after your property.

Need housing for yourself or your employees?
Landing is helping Truckee-based businesses find housing for their employees. We know finding great seasonal and long-term employees in Truckee is hard, often because they can’t find stable housing in the area. Reach out to Landing Locals so they can learn more about your business and employee housing needs.
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The idea for Placemate (Landing Locals) started shortly after we moved to Truckee in Fall 2018 to start a family in the mountains. We had assumed it would be easy to find a long-term rental. Boy, were we wrong! We soon found that we weren’t alone in the struggle to secure a home. We also discovered that there is a high percentage of homes in the area that are vacation homes that sit empty much of the year — sometimes a whole season.That was when the lightbulb went off and the idea for Landing Locals was born. Through an innovative approach and trusted online platform, we hope to connect vacation-home owners and renters with the goal of finding all people stable housing in Tahoe — whether that’s seasonal or long-term.