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Good Anya

Good Anya
Good Anya

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About Us

Plants are friends! To me, it’s absolutely fascinating that we can learn to communicate with nature. If we are patient and we listen, our plants tell us what they need, what they like, and what they don’t like. Growing tropical plants in cold, dry climate is not easy, but personally I think it’s an adventure worth your time. Whether you’re a plant lover or plant curious, let’s grow, learn and thrive together.

Good Anya provides plants and accessories. With an online page where you can purchase different types of plants and rotating styles, there you can choose the best option for decorating your home or someone else's.


Our 1st Pop-Up
Truckee Thursdays
Pop-Up in South Lake
Moss Art
Moss Art
Air Plant Magnets
Lantern with Air Plant
Terrarium with Air Plant
Kokedama Centerpiece
Monstera Kokedama
Ivy Kokedama
Plants & Pots Combos