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Simply Worded provides Writing, Editing and Coaching toward authentic and effective communication and expression of ideas. Specifically, we focus on core value alignment via vision and mission statements, content strategy and development, coaching teams or individuals and pre-publishing services.

How We Got Started: We identified a growing need for improved business communications--specifically writing. This comes in the form of emails, internal and external communications, reports, proposals, blogs, etc. When you can articulate your ideas clearly and with focus you build trust, your relationships improve and, therefore, you grow professionally. When the individuals succeed the business profits.

Our Ideal Customer: We are eager to work with intelligent professionals, managers or business owners who understand the importance of good communication and willing to invest time and resources into improved writing strategies.

With our pre-publishing capabilities, we seek professionals who have reached that point in their careers where they are ready to leverage their assets into a published work that will serve to educate others and build their brand.

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